A Birth Doula is trained in childbirth who provides continuous emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth.

As your Doula, I’ll provide you with continuous support and comfort measures such as breathing, relaxation, movements and positioning practices to assist in a positive birth experience. I want you to feel safe, respected, and supported.  You will be encouraged to guide your own body, and to know what is best for you and your baby (or babies!).

Our Relationship

  1. First we’ll schedule an initial meeting to get to know each other and confirm if we make a good match – with what you need and with what I can provide.
  2. Next, we’ll schedule a prenatal meeting to discuss your desired birth experience to develop your birth plan.
  3. Then, we’ll determine how many more visits are needed before birth day! I’ll always be available by phone or email, but maybe you would like to schedule a few more one-on-one in person visits.
  4. Birth day! When labor has started, I will arrive to be with you throughout the whole process to ensure you are comfortable and empowered to birth your baby.